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The Ultimate Guide to Passive Paydays

create a digital product in 21 days or less for passive income

Turn your passion into profit with this step by step guide that will help you qualify, create, market, and sell your digital product like hotcakes! Learn exactly how to create your very own ebook, course, or other digital product with this easy to follow guide. With your own business, brand, and digital products, your one step away from passive income!

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Get my exact google sheet system from tracking all of my hashtags, keywords, affiliate links, discount codes, ad copy, and so much more!

Stop talking about your offer and start showing it off with this simple mockup setup. PLUS get my email swipe copy for plug and play use right away

"Simply Stunning"

Natalie, I just finished reviewing your 21 day guide to passive paydays and I have two words for you ... simply stunning. Thank you for taking what has been an overwhelming process for us and making it simple. I am extremely excited about working towards our dreams and visions through your stunning guide! I have been so inspired by you and what you've done to create an income and at the same time stay very present with your family. I am beyond proud of you and am honored to be passionately pursuing our dreams alongside you!

Lisa Myers | @craftedforconnection

"Absolutely Blown Away"

I have been wanting to create a course for the last year, but I have been stuck on how to get started. I currently run TalO skin care and while that has been profitable, it is NOT passive. This guide has absolutely blown me away with excitement for what is possible! Natalie breaks down the exact steps that you need to take in order to make sure your idea is going to be marketable and profitable. This guide has given me the confidence to transfer my ideas into a product that can create passive income for me and my family.

Emily | @_Tal_O

"there is magic in this guide"

Okay, I started reading your guide I’m freaking blown away! I already know a lot of what you are writing about, but the magic in this guide is how you make it digestible and not overwhelming. You got a gift girl, so proud.

Abby VanHoutan | @forgottenwayfarms

for the homestead

The Gardener's Guide to Worm Farming

create biodynamic compost in as little as four weeks!

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In a world that values convenience over Earth care, dare to take a stand. Stop sending those food scraps to the landfill and feed them to worms instead! It's the best way to reduce food waste AND get the absolute best compost for your garden, guaranteed to grow plants twice as big and twice as healthy than plants grown in conventional soil

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Get the original handbook for starting, maintaining, problem solving, harvesting, and using your worm farm bounty now complete with coloring pages, quizzes, and more!

Need a simple and cost effective garden bed solution? Use our cedar fence picket garden bed plans to build 6', 9', and 15' beds for twice the fun and half the cost of premade beds!

What if you could move your greenhouse to get optimal sun all year long? Now, you can! Our mobile greenhouse plans help you achieve just that and so much more!

Learn Sourdough

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Take the course that has taken us from "I don't know" to "sourough PRO". Sourdough can be simple and delicious and made in bulk! I make sourdough once a week and feed my whole family from that one bake thanks to this course. We love our friends at Whispering Willow Farm for putting this incredible course together and want everyone to get on this sourdough train with us!






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