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The Gardener's Guide to Worm Farming

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    ARE YOU....

    needing to make compost FAST that you can use right away?

    dreaming of a lush garden but don’t have space to compost?

    a mom looking for a fun non-screen related project for your kiddos this summer?

    wanting the security of having compost in these uncertain times?

    a homeschool family looking for a way to connect with nature?



    You need a worm farm!

    It’s the simple, smell free, small space friendly way to make compost using worms!

    Over the last 5 years I’ve cracked the code on making the most amazing compost with worms through worm farming and and in this course I’m laying it all out for you - the simple path to amazing compost you

    In this self paced course you will receive a foundation of knowledge about worms and worm farming - you’ll know more than just WHAT to do but WHY we do it

    I’ll show you through video lessons everything from getting ready, to setup, to maintenance, troubleshooting, and harvest

    I’ll walk you through each step of the worm farming process and show you inside my worm farm for live examples of what to look for

    I’ll show you how I feed my worm farm and how I make needed adjustments along the way

    And I’ll show you how I feed my whole property with just one batch of worm tea! You’ll receive a workbook with over 70 helpful PDFs for your reference over the course of worm farmingIn the workbook you’ll also find helpful shopping lists, and supply checklists to make sure you have everything you need for success

    In the workbook you will also receive vocabulary lists, kids writing worksheets, kids vocab matching sheets, and also hand drawn coloring pages links to additional resources for your continued learning

    And of course, a certificate of completion!

    PS - there’s even a bonus section where I’m answering all your FAQs!




    • 6 modules
    • over 70 video lessons
    • self paced course
    • long form content section (for those who want to sit and listen)
    • short form content section (for those who want to click "complete" on each lesson or search a specific topic)



    • students learn not just WHAT to do but WHY we do it
    • students are equipped with education AND hands on experience in my personal worm farm
    • students receive a base foundation of knowledge regarding ecosystems, worms, microbes and their proper maintenance



    • fundamental knowledge of how to prepare, setup, maintain, troubleshoot, harvest, and use vermicompost
    • basic soil science foundations
    • fundamental skills for using vermicompost for maximum garden health and yield
    • supply checklists with links so you can quickly and easily gather supplies and have a field guide for reference
    • an 80+ page work book complete with vocabulary sheets, diagrams, checklists, and coloring sheets for the whole family
    • And of course, a certificate of completion!
    • Bonus FAQ section



    • I offer all students the life time access pass
    • I will continue to update this course with more information over time
    • the price will always be going up with flash sales every now and again, so buying now is always a better option!