Over 70 video lessons

This is the ultimate step by step worm farming experience with over 70 video lessons of information and hands on experience.

We'll learn together in the garden, then get our hands in the worm farms, and then even explore all the amazing ways you can use your worm casting harvest together!

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Includes a Workbook

Our 80 page workbook includes

Note taking pages

Observations pages

Setup and Supply checklists

Worm farm friends and foes

Troubleshooting guide

6 vocabulary lists

6 practice writing pages

6 matching vocabulary sheets with keys

9 kid friendly coloring pages

Certificate of completion coloring page!

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Become a worm farmer who

has foundational knowledge so you know not just what to do but why to do it

knows every step of the process from gathering supplies to harvest and using your compost

has hands on experience of being inside my worm farm as we explore the ecology, feed the worm farm together, and troubleshoot together as well

know the exact system for starting a worm farm as well as my guide on how to troubleshoot your farm should you need to make any adjustments

knows exactly how to prepare for, setup, maintain, troubleshoot, harvest, and USE your amazing black gold!And of course, a certificate of completion!

There’s even a special section where I’m answering all your FAQs like:

* Can I worm farm somewhere hot?

* Can I worm farm somewhere cold?

* What bin should I use?

* How many worms do I need?

* What is safe to feed more worms?how do I harvest the castings?

* How can I use castings in my garden?

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