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Hey friend, I’m Natalie!

I’ll be your host for the week! And I'm on a mission: help you homestead and do homebiz... better.

You were made for a purpose, and your big farm dream is just a business away and I'm giving you all the ideas to get there this week.

Join me this week for a FREE virtual + interactive conference. Here’s the plan:

01. Every morning

I’ll have an expert on live to talk about their field of expertise as well as their business journey. We’ll get to pick their brains about not just what they do, but how they do it. And most importantly, how they’ve turned their passion into profit! Watch live to win a giveaway


02. Throughout the day

Join me as we cook, garden, and compost… TOGETHER. That’s right - this is the fun part!

I’ll be highlighting tips and tutorials from our resource library (which you can get that week only for 99% off!)

PLUS Tag friends in posts as entries to win the daily giveaway!

Be sure to snag the courses and ebooks while they’re just $1 and play along with me!


03. Each night

Join me live for Business 101 where I'm sharing with you the exact strategy I've used to build a business from home that runs on autopilot so I can make sales while I'm with my family, out in the garden, or doing just about anything else!

Bring your notepads, this is the no fluff, real deal, mini business school you've been asking for! And for you action takers, I’ve got homework.

So you’re walking away with more than information, you’re walking away with an action plan!

PLUS, watch live to win the giveaway!



  • Erika | @instargardens

    Erika | @instargardens

    Erika, author of Permaculture Upgrade, has an incredible community of friends online and a thriving garden consultation business. Learn more from her during out live!

    23 MARCH 9AM

    get her book for $1!
  • Bailey | @baileyvantassel

    Bailey | @baileyvantassel

    Bailey, authout of Garden Homeschool, helps gardeners around the world make the most of their space with her incredible membership at The Kitchen Garden society. Learn more from her and her business on our live!

    24 MARCH 9AM

    get her book for $1!
  • Jenn | @sunshinefarmlife

    Jenn | @sunshinefarmlife

    Jenn, author of No Till Gardening, is a homesteader passionate about permaculture with a thriving online community and blog. Learn more from her on our live!

    25 MARCH 9AM

    get her book for $1

  • Sean | @mindfulfarmerarkansas

    Sean | @mindfulfarmerarkansas

    Sean, founder of Mindful Farmer, is an educator, farm consultant, and product visionary behind mindfully crafted tools designed for optimal ergonomic use on the farm. He's got a keen eye for design on all levels. Learn more from him on our live!

    26 MARCH 8:30AM

    check out his line of tools!
  • Jill | @whisperingwillowfrm

    Jill | @whisperingwillowfrm

    Jill, author of The Tiny but Mighty Farm, has a thriving online community, artisan online shop, and an incredible breadth of knowledge on running a profitable small scale farm. Her business and farm are growing exponentially. Learn more from her on our live!

    27 MARCH 9AM

    grab her book!
  • Emily | @_tal_o

    Emily | @_tal_o

    Emily, founder of Tal-O, is a former city girl-hair stylist-estetician turned crunchy mom of three and passionate advocate for natural beuaty. She's turned her passion into a growing business featuring tallow and hand crafted oil blends that nourish skin like nothing else! Learn more from her and about her business on our live!

    29 MARCH 9AM

    get some tal-o!

  • Carly | @rewildcarlyrose

    Carly | @rewildcarlyrose

    Carly, author of Natural Beauty, is an author, educator, and influencer using her influence and passion to help reconnect people to nature and their ancestral roots. Learn more from her and how she runs her business on our live!

    30 MARCH 8AM

    get her book for $1
  • Amber | @gracewalkfarm

    Amber | @gracewalkfarm

    Amber, author of the course Grow Food - Backyard Gardening 101, has a growing online community and sensational blog where she helps people grow food and preserve their precious harvests. Learn more from her and about how she runs her dream business on our live!

    30 MARCH 1PM

    get her course for $1
  • Jen | @farmfreshfamily

    Jen | @farmfreshfamily

    Jen, author of Raising Dairy Cattle, is a city girl turned farmer passionate about dairy cattle and life on the homestead. She's turned her passion into profit too! Learn more from her and about her business on our live!

    31 MARCH 11AM

    get her book for $1!


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