Unexpected Expert

I went to school to be a counselor. How in the world have I become an expert on worm farming helping over 30,000 people around the world?! Well... it all started when I killed my first garden.

My determination on a newlywed budget (and let's be real, my pride) told me I had to find a way to revive my garden and show all 47 subscribers at the time that there had to be a solution. And there was. Enter, worms.

That Christmas I got a worm farm - the perfect solution. I practiced composting with worms until I cracked the code. Now I have the honor of helping literally thousands of people around the world make amazing compost too.

I answer all the questions I had when I first started in this FREE GUIDE! Grab yours today and get your worm farm started. It takes 10 minutes.. you can do this!