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Meet Jill

Jill is the author of Tiny but Mighty farm, small scale grower, educator and small business owner, and dear friend of mine.

I have learned SO MUCH from her over the years and when she realeased her sourdough course I was blown away.

I've been making sourdough for years and I still learned so much. Her educational resources take any beginner or internmediate learner and immediately uplevels them!

Checkout her courses and course bundles which are all on 20% sale this cyber monday!

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I'm ready to bake amazing bread!

Meet Emily

Emily is just a gem. I've known her for years and recently have had the honor and joy of standing alongside her as we learn how to be better business owners together.

She had an unexpected turn of events in her life and decided to make the most of it by helping others with what has helped her heal too - talO.

She hand crafts all organic tallow balms, creams, all with homemade infused oils... and what a difference it makes.

Her products are unlike any I've tried. They truly nourish my skin and replenish moisture when nothing else can! I'm such a talO believer.

Use cde CYBERMONDAY and get 20% off all the skin nourishing goodness this cyber monday!

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Meet Sean & Melanie

Sean is one of the most giving and intentional people I've had the pleasure of befriending on this entrepreneurial journey.

He and his wife both have small businesses centered around helping people thrive on their farms and homesteads.

Sean is the mastermind behind Mindful Farmer and his tools are just that - infredibly mindful and well thought through. His designs are truly next level and help people in spaces big or small be more efficient with their time and energy.

Need tools? Don't miss his sale! Use code THANKFUL for 15% off!

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Meet Amber

Amber is one of the most genuine people I know and she's full og gardening, preserving & homestead tips and even has a quarterly homestead publication making it's big debut December 1st!

She's a small business owner offering a sweet deal on her garden guide! Ready to overcome the overwhelm with gardening?

Grab her guide! Its the same price as a fancy cup of coffee but will go way farther than that cup of joe!

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I'm ready to start my garden!

Meet Cathryn & Taylor

Cathryn is one of those people you just wished you could be bffls with. She is such a joy and so passionate about her work on her family's 6th generation cattle farm!

But they're not just any cattle farm, they are raising clean and lean beef on grass and barley. Their cattle get nothing but the best mountain air and fresh pastures.

This cyber monday, they're going wild with deals!

Apparel 50% off. Bone and organ meat 50% off. Save $2/# on quarter, half and whole beeves and still get free shipping. 10% off holiday bundles.
The savings are huge! Don't miss out!

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Meet Mary & Magdalene

These twin sisters are first generation homesteaders making the most of their space, healing from the inside out with nutritionally dense foods, growing, raising, preserving, and making small business waves along the way.

Check out their adorable jar and bowl bonnets! These bonnets are hand crafted to perfection.

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