From Dream to Reality

I'm Natalie. I am a wife, mother, believer, and big fan of simple living and passive income because it's given me a life I used to dream about!

Today, I own two companies which I run during nap time and as of 2023 I have been able to bring home more each month than my husband at his 9-5. I've found myself in this strange position - I could use more support to scale these businesses but how?

As our country holds it's breath in the face of a recession, we looked at each other and wondered if his hours would be cut soon too. And in some way... we kind of hoped it would happen. We've needed space to breathe, catch our breath, and also scale these companies further into passive income on autopilot.

In April, we got really sick. Like super super sick. He missed a whole week of work and our entire family could barely get out of bed. Somehow, during this time, I heard a still small voice start to whisper, "you make 50K a month" and "we are a full time family". I heard this over and over again, and not in some delirium from being sick, but it just became this thing I would hear in my heart. 

I started speaking these affirmations over my life knowing that in times past, when these little breakthrough moments have happened, big shifts in amazing ways always followed. So I said these declarations of prosperity and of our dreams over our family in my heart nearly every day. 

My husband recovered and went back to work the following week and as he did, my daughter cried in my arms waving goodbye saying, "gether" meaning, "Stay home dad, I want to be together". So I leaned over and whispered in her ear something that doesn't even felt like I said it but rather, God through me, if you will. "This is the last day daddy goes to work. we are going to be a full time family so soon."

That day my daughter woke up from her nap and I heard her sweet pitter patter into the living room to exclaim, "daddy!" I was shocked. "Hello?" I said. "Hey babe. So you know that thing we wondered if it would happen? Well. It happened"

"Okay." I said. I had total peace. A peace I cannot explain other than something gifted by the Holy Spirit and the assurance of having passive income and two companies to fall back on.  My husband was shocked that I was not exuding some Italian Natalie response. Not angry. Not sad. Not overjoyed. Just peace.

This was and is our chance. The chance we would have never taken ourselves but it's fallen into our laps and we are running with it! We have never felt so much joy, peace, or unified purpose. So we are all in on this full time family life as we scale our passive income and I've never been more thankful for my faith, or the fact that passive income has our backs!

The systems I've put in place have already cleared over $10k in revenue and continue to bring in more than my husband made daily at his job. Oh, and did I mention I'm 9 months pregnant? Yeah... we're doing this while having a baby but again, we have this crazy unexplained by anything else than God kind of peace.

This is our purpose and we are walking in it, determined to help other families cultivate abundance on their homesteads and in their businesses too!

Back in the Day

I used to cry myself to sleep under my purple fuzzy blanket watching farming videos wondering how I could ever afford my dream of a farm and life as a full time family. We were miserable at our 9-5's and craved something better.

I'll never forget my husband's company at the time sending him away the week before our wedding and then for two weeks after our wedding. We just looked at each other like, "is this really what we have to look forward to?". Working to live. Living to work. It was excruciating.

Living in Southern California as newlyweds only made matters more difficult with the price of housing alone being... astronomical to say the least. It truly felt like a pipe dream to think we could ever afford something in our home town that would allow us to farm, live free, and grow abundance. 

I would watch farming videos. And I would cry. I decided I had to do something. So I started a garden as a way to say "yes" to my dream. And I promptly killed that garden.

With no room in our newlywed budget for fancy amendments, I had to find a way to save my garden with... essentially no money. That's how I discovered composting with worms. Sounds gross, but stick with me.

I started composting in the corner of our 750sqft apartment kitchen and I was able to turn our food waste into black gold for the garden. I was on to something!

Fast Forward to Now

My Mission

Now, I'm on a mission to live a simple life with my family, homesteading and continuing to cultivate passive income to support our lifestyle. But I know I'm not the only one with this dream...

I'm just one of many women, wives, and mothers who can hear the land calling to them to bring the children back to simpler times, to eat real food, to dance in the dirt, and grow wild things.

So, as I've cultivated the keys to passive income success through much trial and error, I'm helping other women with dreams do the same so they can live an abundant life they love too.

So now, I help other women cultivate this same kind of joy and freedom through passive income guides, courses, community, mentorship & more!

I'm Natalie. This is Hey It's a Good Life. May it be a declaration of hope and peace over your life too. Welcome, I'm so glad you're here!


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