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A Natural Baby Nursery

Wow I'm so thrilled to be sharing this labor of love with you. This nursery is a space we all just love. Her nursery has become a hub for our family to play with all sorts of toys we love, bond and grow together. It's a refuge for nursing, it's a welcome spot for visitors, a simple place to quickly change some cloth diapers. It's a joy to be in there. Even when the rest of the house has never felt quite ours or quite just right, this space does. What a gift. Join us for a tour today over on youtube. I'll highlight our favorite parts here too.

Welcome to the nursery!

Toys, Toys, Toys

Fun fact. We are minimalists. We only buy quality products when we really need them. We keep things simple and easy to clean as best as we can. And this minimalism applies to the nursery too. That's one why we love Lovevery toys. I'm also a busy stay at home work from home mom and I obviously want to give Ruby the very best developmentally and health wise. Having a play kit subscription does just that! We now get age appropriate toys sent right at the right times for her development and they're organic and sustainable which makes this crunchy mama's heart happy! Here are our favorite goodies right now

The Play Gym

The Block Set

The Inspector Kit of the Play Kits

Hooks for Everything (almost)

I use these hooks to get whatever I can off the ground and keep things in convenient places. We keep her baby carriers and cloth diaper hamper hanging nearby for quick and easy access.


ergo baby carrier

ring sling

solly baby wrap

cloth diaper hamper

Diaper Changing Station Lessons

I've learned what's easier than a sheet, is laying down a towel. But none the less, a changing station is helpful. Here's what keep in there

Burts Bees Jammies

Burp Cloths

Disposable Diapers

Cloth Diapers

Cloth Diaper Inserts

A Very Girly Theme Indeed

Hi, I'm Natalie and I love having a little girl and for us, that looks like celebrating her with pink things like pink curtains and pink sheets and pillows. Here's where we got our pink goodies

Pink Curtains

Pink Pillow

Pink Waterproof Sheets

Good Smells, Good Vibes

Get the toxins out of your home already! You have no excuse. By now, me and every other influencer have said it... reduce your toxic load! It's so important for your health and well being. So, to do that, we now diffuse oils instead of candles and it's a great

Become a wholesale member and save! Get great oils and the ones I love for Ruby here

Serenity Oil, Calm Rollerball, Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Frankincense

A Clean Nursery, is a Nursery that Feels Good

We use these air purifiers

Thanks for joining me today! I hope you feel inspired to dream up a space all of your own that looks good, feels good, and is a place that brings you joy!

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