We Officially Have Shirts & Merch

We Officially Have Shirts & Merch

Well… it’s time to share with you some very exciting news. I honestly was not sure this day would ever arrive. Would people really care enough about this gal out in California and her farm dreams? Would her zest for life and zeal for dreaming really sustain her and permeate the internet? Would she get to experience the things her heart longs for?

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It’s amazing what happens when we partner with our dreams. I’m learning that when we say yes to the God given dreams in our hearts… we end up experiencing so much more than the dream itself.

When we partner with our dreams, we naturally forge friendships with equally passionate people and camaraderie builds. We experience the fullness of a journey which, at times, can be more fulfilling than the destination itself. Our joy becomes contagious and affects the people around us, even motivating some to travel to the opposite side of the country for things like homesteading conferences (hem hem Mom ;) ).

And so just like that, after a year and a half of dreaming and doing… we officially have shirts. Shirts my friends and comrades want to wear. Shirts my family wants to wear. Shirts that fans (I have fans?) want to wear. On the note of fans, it really blows my mind when someone stops me in public and knows my name and my story and my goals and says, “I’m here rooting for you and I love your videos”. I hope the novelty and honor I feel in these moments never fades.

All that to say, my mom and I made some shirts. We wore them to Homesteaders of America 2019. And now you can wear them too, if you feel so inclined! You can get this original design in a variety of formats from Tank, to comfort T, from kids T to sweatshirts! Click here to visit our TeeSpring shop to get yours :)

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Good Life Merch

Speaking of Homesteaders of America, did you catch the video? I’ll include it in this post! In the video I get to chat with so many wonderful humans. From fans, to friends, to mentors, this video has a little bit of everything.

It was an honor to meet some of my mentors in person including Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm and Jill Winger of The Prairie Homestead. And it’s always great to see my sweet friend Jess of Roots and Refuge and Kaylee of The Honeystead, both of whom live much farther away than I’d prefer. And let’s not forget meeting Jason, of Sow The Land, whose videos inspired me to get to building and whose craftsmanship has earned him the title of YouTube Carpentry Grandpa. Ha!

It’s been great to celebrate this milestone with you all! Thanks for being here, it’s been great to be with you. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have two very demanding felines who are requesting time in the garden.

Keep dreaming, keep doing ✌🏻


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