how to harvest worm castings

How to Harvest Worm Castings

Worms are the backbone of all our composting endeavors here on our modern homestead in suburbia. Worm farming makes composting in a small space so simple and we love our worms! Today, I'll show you how to harvest worm castings and use them in the garden!

Method One: Dump & Mix

Dump & mix. It's that simple. You don't need to worry about separating worms from worm castings. You can simply dump and mix them right into your soil. Those worms will be so happy in the soil and will be even happier if you've left them some things to eat like old roots and maybe some buried egg shell and banana.

Method Two: Dump & Sieve

Want to save your worms? I get it. I do too! That's where the dump and sieve method comes in. The simplest way to save your worms is to use a sieve. I've made a really simple sieve that fits right over most of my bins. I made it using leftover 1x2's, staples, and some nails.

As you shimmy the sieve in every direction, worms and undigested bits will remain. Set these aside and add them to bins later.

If you notice some worms have made it through the sieve, they're really easy to see once separated. Go ahead and add those to your collection of worms OR just mix them into your soil. The choice is yours.

Method Three: Worm Tea

Another amazing way to use castings is in teas and drenches. I won't go into detail on that today here. But if you'd like more information on that, feel free to watch this video. I hope you find it helpful.

Want a step by step guide? Check out our I am a Worm Farmer Ebook!

Thanks for joining me today!

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