Detoxifying Body Scrub

Hey friends. As some of you know, I’m pretty sure the last 4 months of extreme stress (studying and taking and PASSING my licensing exam for mental health, woohoo!), recovering from a severe muscle strain that left me disabled for a season, my husband accepting a new job in a new county, and uprooting our lives to said new county… I mean… we’ve been through quite a bit. And little did I know that my beloved daily habit of “a latte a day keeps the doctor at bay” only compounded the stress and led me to where I am now: adrenal fatigue.

I am currently in the process of changing so much over in our lives to heal naturally from this adrenal fatigue situation… from diet, to exercise, to lypmh movement, to celery juice, to eating mostly whole foods… These are all things I wanted to change… I didn’t know I would have to change them. Funny how life does that.


While I am in the process of chronicling all I’m doing to heal (hoping it will help someone one day with the fierce belief that all things work together for good) I am here today to share with you one simple thing I’ve changed that I’ve noticed has helped me a lot - my body scrub!

Upon realizing what was going on with my body, a dear friend recommended I start dry brushing for lymph health. I remember my youth pastor’s mom, Lola, first shared this idea with me many moons ago. Lola, you were on to something! Lymph brushing has been a huge game changer. I started lymph brushing and noticed right away that “tired but wired” feeling started to dissipate almost instantaneously.

In realizing the power of this, it occurred to me that I could take this concept and apply it to my daily body scrub. So I developed my own body scrub made of all natural ingredients, and… I feel so cheesy saying this but it’s true. THE ZEN is SO REAL. I feel so peaceful using this detox body scrub you guys! The lavender is so calming, and bentonite clay is healing, detoxifying and moisturizing all in one.

So let’s talk recipe, and application.

Here is the recipe:

  • 1/2 TBSP bentonite clay sprinkled over a soft natural brush

  • 3-5 drops lavender oil (if you need some quality oils, let me know here)

That’s it! Don’t you just love simple recipes? I certainly do! Especially when they WORK.

How to Use IT:

So here’s what I do. Once I’ve added the clay powder and oil, I run the soft brush lightly under the water. I get kind of a loose paste going… the key is to evenly distribute the water quickly, otherwise it turns into clumps. Be forewarned: move quickly here at first and then you can scrub and sing and zen in the shower as much as you want.

I lightly scrub my chest and armpits in circles slowly and then brush straight out towards my limbs, I do circles up and down my abdomen honing in on the hip flexor region and then brush straight out towards my legs, and then again more circles around the upper thighs and then brush straight out towards my legs. I finish off with a very basic scrub every where else finishing with my feet. Detoxifying with oils and clay through your feet - I’ve never felt so clean!

That’s it. Two ingredients. One very blissfully zen shower experience.

I hope the recipe blesses you. Questions? Comments? Concerns? Drop me a line down below, I’d love to hear from you. I’d also love to hear what you’re doing to heal your adrenal fatigue!

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