Can We Farm?

Can We Farm?

Hello... you may have noticed we just got back from a long trip throughout the south east of the United States. You can watch the video below. For those of you readers out there, keep reading to see what we learned and what we're dreaming up next.

It was an incredible, exhausting, fun, hard, exciting, once in a life time adventure. If you want to know more about our trip, be sure to check out this post here.


For now, we answer one very important question, can we farm? 


Part of our trip was aimed at answering this very important question. For the last three years, I've dedicated my blood sweat and tears to building gardens and stewarding what's been given to us in the hopes that God would see fit to give us a farm... one day very soon... I hope. But what if we don't have what it takes? What if it just feels totally wrong?


Luckily, our sweet friends Justin and Rebekah of The Justin Rhodes Show invited us to stay with them and get our hands dirty doin some farm chores. You may have seen us talking with Justin a bit on his channel about mindfulness and how we're learning to slow down and not wish away this hard season of early parenthood. If not, you can catch it here.


And that's the thing, right?! KIDS. We are just at the very beginning of all the babies. So in my mind, it was important to take Ruby out on the fields with us and see if early misty mornings of egg collecting and milking and moving fences and watering all the animals is even feasible.


Well friend, getting that hands on experience was illuminating to say the least. I was a different kind of tired after farm chores, in the best possible way. It really is a work out. And it really is a lot of fun. And good news... it really is possible.


Tommy and I are so grateful for even just a little hands on experience with such a wide array of animals because we learned something very important. It might not all be for us, but a lot of it is.


We know that when it's our time, we certainly want to start with chickens. And when it's the right time, definitely a cow. Can we just talk about milking for a second?


Milking is hard work and it's also one of the coolest things i've ever done. And I don't say that just because it's still so novel to me. Milking is one of the most intimate, heart warming, and challenging things I've done. And so rewarding. Real milk... is delicious.


So my takeaways? We will quickly get chickens... followed shortly thereafter by a cow... obiously.


Oh, longing for the farm. I know one day I'll look back on these days with fondness. For now, I yearn and am eager for what the hopefully near future holds.


Thanks for reading and for following along.

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