5 Easy Ways to Attract Birds to Your Yard & Patio

5 Easy Ways to Attract Birds to Your Yard & Patio

Hey guys! Welcome. Today’s post is all about 5 things you can add to your garden and patio to invite more birds to visit your place!

When we got our first apartment, I was grateful we had some natural beauty around us because Lord knew I did not have a green thumb… at that time at least! 😏😉 But in the time that our cats were not living with us (more on that linked here...Tommy’s allergies to cats and how he got over them) I was pretty miserable not having any fur friends around. So I started teaching myself how to grow things and invite some wildlife to the back patio.

Side note, I can’t even remember what my first plant was now! I think it may have been white morning glory.. Oh, it was glorious to see it grow. Morning glory grows so quickly, within a few months, we had our patio outlined with it! I used what we had at the time, fishing line, to train it around the patio. It’s a beautiful plant, but it’s soft leaves got eaten away by aphids. Also it’s poisonous to cats so when I couldn’t fight off the aphids any longer, I kind of just let it die 😬 aw, I miss the patio looking like this!:

But I digress...

If you’re like me and love nature, here are 5 easy ways you can invite more hummingbirds and local birds to your yard or patio!

1. WATER - Oh my goodness, birds love moving water. This was one of the last things I added to our patio and I wish it had been one of the first, for that reason I’m listing it as numero uno here. Pictured here is our bird bath which I made for a total of $15. A water catcher for pots sits atop an old circular sheet pan which is drilled into a 1x2. The 1x2 is shoved into an old tree stump which I drilled out with a drill and large drill bit. I then shimmed the 1x2 in place with a 1” round river rock I found nearby! I’m not a fan of how it looks right now, but the ultimate goal is to have it train some morning glory or Mandevilla and then you won’t see the bottom half of it!


2. TREES - Again, I wish I had known this sooner, this was the second to last addition to our patio: a Buddleia tree! (Yes, a tree. It doesn’t have to be huge, just tall enough to qualify as a tree… about 5-6 ft tall. I found ours at Lowes for $65 and used our credit there to snatch it up. It’s not currently in bloom, but it will be soon!) Buddleia plant is great for attracting butterflies AND hummingbirds due to its color (bright purple) and structure (tubule shaped flowers). For this reason, it’s also referred to as butterfly bush. (Also pictured here, bird feeder… In over a year of filling it with seeds, I seem to attract more squirrels and ducks than finches or black headed phoebes-our local bird which I love for their playful nature)



in bloom:


3. BRANCHES - No tree funds? No problem! You can easily add some branches from local trees to your patio. You can add branches to trellises, or anything somewhat high up. Pictured below is a branch I recently added to a 1x2 pole I painted green and trained our Mandevilla plant. (Also pictured are some millet seeds from Petsmart that you give to birds in cages.. This is an attempt to attract more finches to our yard, so far, no luck! lol!) Having this little branch here has invited more hummingbirds to our place as they like to sit here and survey the area, they're so stinkin cute.


4. HUMMINGBIRD FEEDERS - I bought ours for $1 each at the dollar tree and added some perches with garden wire. To see how I did it, check out this post.


5. HANGING PLANTS - preferably with bright tube like flowers, just until the hummingbirds find your place, then you can put the bright colored plants wherever you want!. I recently found this plant at Lowes for $5 in the clearance section because it was dried out!


that's all, folks!

I hope this post helps you attract more feathered friends to your hard! If this was helpful to you, please go ahead and heart this post and/or leave a comment down below :) *click “Leave comment” and a comment box will expand).


Proof these methods work… pictured below is my encounter with a hummingbird during the last full solar eclipse in September 2017! He was less than a foot away and I happened to capture this with the slow motion feature on my phone! Here are some still from the video:



Good luck guys!



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