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compost on autopilot

transform food waste into garden gold to grow the garden of your dreams! no space? no problem, worm farming makes it possible. Take my hand. I'll show you how!

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transform your harvests and local finds into meals that nourish and celebrate.

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My dream? To fund my farm dream and help others do the same. Want to learn more about passive income AND how we are funding our farm dream? Join the same challenge I took that totally transformed my mindset and set the foundation for my businesses!

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The Gardener's Guide to Worm Farming

Ready to make an unlimited supply of compost on autopilot?! Learn exactly how to transform your food waste into black garden gold with our simple, smell free, small space friendly system! Start small, and scale when you're ready. Let's grow your dream garden!

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    know exactly what to do and why you should do it for the most optimal compost setup

    gain composting confidence

    learn how to create and maintain the ideal worm ecosystem in any space and any season

    I'm ready for compost!

    discover the many ways you can use worm castings in your garden from direct application to worm teas, your garden will produce more, be healthier, and love you for giving it the best compost in town!

    I'm ready for Abundance!

I'm ready for an endless supply of compost on autopilot and my best garden ever!

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    "I loved everything about this course! Natalie has so much passion about what she’s teaching, it shines throughout the course...

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    "Natalie's course is absolutely amazing! Very informative and perfect for homeschooling families!...

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    "Nothing but great things to say about the course! We are a small family farm who was looking to...

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hey, I'm Natalie

I make an unlimited supply of compost on autopilot in just 6sqft of space

So I grow an abundance of food & flowers in my backyard

So I can give my family the very best food! 

But it wasn't always this way...

I'm only here today because I killed my first garden! I was devastated, but determined to find a solution. How could I compost in the city when I had no space for a compost pile? Enter worms.

I started composting in the corner of my apartment kitchen and after making many mistakes thanks to lots of bad advice found online, I finally cracked the code! Before I knew it, I was making more compost than I knew what to do with and my garden was healthier and more productive than ever before.

I knew I had to share this special secret with the world, so I started sharing online. But then...

 My specialized knowledge became so sought after, I could not keep up with demand!

Backyard gardeners were messaging me about how to worm farm in cold or hot climates, what worms to buy and  where, and how often to feed their worm farms! Meanwhile, I had new small scale farmers and generational ranchers called me for pasture healing consultations, even offering to fly me out for evaluations.

As a business owner, I was honored. But as a mother and homesteader, I knew the only way to serve people at the highest level AND stay with my babies was to turn all my knowledge into a course.

Join me in The Gardener's Guide to Worm Farming. I'm leaving no stone unturned, I'm giving away all my secrets, and we are opening the can of worms and going down the wormhole *badumsh* 

so glad you're here!



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