I hadn’t even heard of vermicompost until stumbling upon your YouTube channel. I watched every video and downloaded the free guide. I was able to find everything I needed locally (even the worms). I couldn’t have put this vermicompost system together if it weren’t for the the wonderful and easy to understand information I found on the “hey it’s a good life” YouTube channel. The guide was a great visual as we made out bin too. I can’t wait to make more bins! My kids loved helping me too! Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

Kelly Alberts | @mylovelylemon

Natalie! Your ebook made starting a worm farm so easy. I've always wanted to do this but didn't have the courage to start. Thanks for making it so simple. Love how you make things easy to understand!

Ashley Matthews

Natalie’s quick guide is so easy to follow, for those of us with lazier reading comprehension skills, the quick guide is perfect to just glance at and know where you are. Thank you, Natalie!

Mary & Magdalene Koreen | @BusyHomebodies

We love Natalie, the worm farmer! My daughters and I look forward to watching her videos together. The content is educational but presented in a way that is fun.

We grew up in a family of farmers, large-scale and small acreage plots. I have personally been intimidated by traditional composting. When I found Natalie on social media I enjoyed learning about the benefits of vermicomposting and appreciated the fact that the process seemed do-able.

Not long after the video off her mom’s cute little worm farm I Amazon’ed a purple one to start with the girls!

I love that we’re able to create such a rich compost for the garden and fabulous treats for our chickens at the same time. Natalie helped us get started and keeps my young daughters (and myself) excited and engaged.

The girls enjoy checking on the worm farm each day and are proud to say they are “worm farmers” now!
We’re excited for the eBook & the possibility of additional children’s materials.

Rebecca Abel | @the.abel.chicks

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