make compost quickly and easily all year round in as little as 4 weeks to grow your plants 2x as big and 2x productive for more fruit flower and veg than ever before

the gardener's guide to worm farming

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"We grew twice as many tomatoes thanks to worm castings. I couldn't believe it! But after comparing one plot with no castings against a plot sewn with all worm castings... it was undeniable. Worm castings will grow your garden like crazy! And your course made it so simple to get started. Thank you!!"

Amber | @gracewalkfarm

"Hands down your worm course is AMAZING. My kids loved it and we come back to it every season for homeschool. My son is even turning his worm farm into a bait business for our local fishing community thanks to your encouragement. Thanks for all you do!"

Amanda | homesteader & homeschool mom

"I never thought worms could be cool but here I am with a worm farm, a lot of compost, and literally the best garden I've ever grown. I would have never started had you not given me the confidence that this was possible. I'm so glad I found your youtube and thanks for all the knowledge and inspiration. Seriously!"

John | apartment gardener & budding worm farmer

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Five years ago I was crying under the covers dreaming of a simpler life. I decided to take my destiny into my hands and turn my dreams into a reality. I didn't want to wait for the farm dream to happen, I decided I would make it happen - one skill at a time. After starting and killing my apartment garden, I realized compost was the backbone of all growing activities and I made it my mission to master the art of composting anywhere. Now I'm known around the world as "worm girl" but what we do around here is so much more than composting... it's living in harmony with nature. We feed the worms, the worms feed the garden, and the garden feeds us! Join us as we expand our skills this year!

My name is Natalie.




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I help people around the world homestead anywhere & everywhere

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If you've been dreaming of a big ol' farm with rolling green hills, a family milk cow and about 37 chickens but are stuck in suburbia for now... let's be friends. I help people around the world get started homesteading anywhere and everywhere so when they do get to that farm... they're ready to hit the ground running!


Start Your Compost

Compost is the backbone of any productive garden. But don't start a traditional compost that takes time, watering, heat, turning and a prayer that everything turns out ok. Start a worm farm! It's the easiest way to make a lot of compost in any season, any climate, and any space!



It's time to say yes to that homestead dream in just three simple steps

Learning to grow plants of any kind will help you cultivate your green thumb. Whether it's a basil plant on your windowsil or a tomato plant on your porch to a flower bed in the front garden... get growing. The easiest way to get started? Is with a greenstalk!

Grow a Garden Anywhere


Eating real food is the fastest way to save money on your grocery bill and harness practical skills to nourish mind and body. As you learn to cook from scratch, your belly and your wallet will thank you!

Cook Real Food From Scratch




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